Smurfette Costume for Girls and Women

Smurfette Costume for Girls and Women

Many moviegoers love Smurfette! If you're one of them, wearing a Smurfette costume is a great way to be as cute (or sexy if you're going to wear the costume on the left) as the character.

Originally, I planned on showing Smurfette costumes for women. But as I browsed through a popular retailer's catalogue, I discovered that there are also enough costumes for girls, toddlers, and babies.

As you can see, Smurfette has blonde hair, wears a crooked hat, and has a pair of those distinct Smurf shoes. In case you need any of them, scroll down to the bottom and you'll find these items gathered in the last section.

Smurfette Costume for Women

Below are three different Smurfette costumes for women. The first two differ in the intensity of the blue color; plus, the model has painted her face blue to be consistent. In the last costume, Smurfette is transformed into a sexy creature. Which Smurfette would you be?

Smurfette Costume for Girls

Just like those for women, these costumes are different from each other. Let your daughter decide which type of Smurfette will she be on Halloween.

Smurfette Hat, Wig, and Mittens

Do you want to create your own Smurfette costume? You can easily do so by gathering the basics. These include a yellow wig, a Smurf cap/ hat, a pair of blue mittens, and a pair of Smurf shoe covers.