Sexy Disney Princess and Villainess Costumes for Women

Sexy Disney Princess and Villainess Costumes for Women

Many of the Disney Princesses are soft-spoken, meek, and pristine -- with the exception of a few characters such as Mulan. And because their stories are directed towards little girls and children in general, the term "sexy" is never associate with them.

But you're not a little girl anymore.

Gone are the days when your parents would dress you up in a cute Cinderella or Snow White costume, which you parade on the streets. Maybe you want something sexy to come with your grown-up image (Miley Cyrus, is that you?). Maybe you want a sexy Disney Princess costume.

Kidding aside, you might want to sexify your favorite Disney Princess in any of these costumes.

From Pocahontas to Rapunzel, these characters have just been given a sexy makeover. I wonder what their Prince Charming would say if he sees them. Wink!

Go ahead and browse through this selection.


This model did a really good job portraying a sexy Pocahontas. The costume itself is not "sexy" -- after all, Pocahontas wears this -- but maybe it's the knee-high boots that made the difference. And of course, the model!

If there's a celebrity that I'd like to see wear a sexy Pocahontas, I'd like it to be Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls. Her skin color is perfect, not to mention her body!

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Reading through the testimonials from ladies who bought this costume, I discovered that this dress has a lot of glitter on it. One says it "goes all over the place," but another says it's "manageable and not overpowering."


In "Beauty and the Beast," Belle is a sweet character who fell in love with the Beast. But in this costume, you can transform Belle in this not-so-innocent girl.

Snow White

From the mini-skirt down to the heels and thigh-high socks, everything about this Snow White costume screams "sexy." And it also helps if you pose like this.

Princess Jasmine

Just like Pocahontas, this costume is not sexy just because it's the same one Jasmine wears in the story / animated movie. But it definitely shows a woman's curves in a sexy way, not to mention that the model is wearing heels.


Although not really a "princess," Maleficent has a spot on this list because of two reasons. First, sometimes, we think that bad is sexy. Second, Angelina Jolie -- who will appear as Maleficent in her upcoming movie -- looks so damn hot as Maleficent. See all Maleficent costumes here!


Ursula is often depicted as a big villainess. But you'll have the chance to turn things around by sporting this sexy Ursula costume on your next costume party.

Evil Queen

The "evil" in Evil Queen says it all -- that piercing look and deceiving nature. You know she's up to no good. Re-live the Evil Queen through this costume. Don't forget the apple. Sexy Snow White will need it for sure.