Rapunzel Wig for Halloween or Costume Parties

Rapunzel Wig for Halloween or Costume Parties

Rapunzel wig is undoubtedly the essential part of a Rapunzel costume. It should be blonde or golden, silky, long, and braided -- just like in the fairy tale.

This article shows you a selection of Rapunzel wigs that you can purchase at Amazon. The wigs are separated according to age. Feel free to browse through the selection and pick your choice.

Rapunzel Wig for Girls

It was in 2010 when Tangled came out. Girls who knew Rapunzel from reading fairy tale books came to know a different kind of Rapunzel in the movie. She was fierce, feisty, and sassy.

If your daughter wants to be Rapunzel this Halloween, here are some of your wig choices.

Rapunzel Wigs for Adults

Even before Tangled came out, the story of Rapunzel has enchanted girls (or kids in general) around the world. If you're a 20- or 30-something and adored Rapunzel as a kid, live your fantasy this Halloween with a Rapunzel wig. Here are some of your choices.

Rapunzel Dress for Girls

Don't have a dress yet? Check these out.

Rapunzel Dress for Women