Pink Lady Costume for Kids and Women

Pink Lady Costume for Kids and Women

Want your daughter to serve some Grease realness? Then get her a Pink Lady costume! Remember the time when you enjoyed watching Grease not just because of the songs and John Travolta (and his dancing), but also because of the Pink Ladies? I'm sure you do.

Decades has passed, but people still talk about the movie. There are rumors of a remake, and Olivia Newton-John said she would want Taylor Swift to play Sandy. It can also be remembered that Glee did an episode about Grease.

While we're still waiting for Hollywood producers to make up their mind on that remake, why not get into the Grease action and get a Pink Lady costume for yourself maybe and your daughter?

Pink Lady Jackets / Costumes for Girls

Whether these jackets are paired with a skirt or a pair or tights, your child will look cute! These items are either jackets or full outfits.

Pink Lady Costume for Women

If you'd like to do a mother-and-daughter duo, you're always welcome to try. Choose from these three jackets. You can substitute the tights with a black skirt.

Pink Lady Accessories

Complete your look with Pink Lady accessories (scarf, glasses, and pink wig if you want).