Kitchen- or Food-Related Costumes for Couples

Kitchen- or Food-Related Costumes for Couples

As a couple, you do many things together. So it's no wonder that even at costume parties or Halloween, you may opt to sport matching outfits. While many couples would want to sport a superhero costume (e.g., Batman and Batgirl, Superman and Lois Lane), others prefer something out-of-the-ordinary. Or funny, to say the least.

Using this thought, I gathered some of the funniest kitchen- or food-related costumes for couples that I thought you'd be interested in. Use this as a reference, and with your partner, decide whether or not you can wear this at the party.

For sure, you'll send the other partygoers into peals of laughter, or at least a smile.

Wine and Cheese

The couple looks like they're really having a blast with their wine and cheese costume. This is ideal for couples who love their wine and cheese over romantic dinners.

Bacon and Egg(s)

Bacon and eggs, anyone? Without a question, these go together to feed our hungry stomach every morning. Isn't this couple cute?

Bun in the Oven and Bun Maker

Love baking together? How about sporting this couple costume? Talk about a great way to "heat up" your relationship.

Spoon and Fork

Spoon and fork are truly inseparable. And so should you and your partner. Unless you use chop sticks, this makes a great couple costume!

Noodle or Ramen Costume

There are many food-related costumes displayed on Amazon's catalogue. But most of them are advertised individually. Nevertheless, this won't stop us from creating an instant noodle costume for couples.

Regular Coke and Diet Coke in Can

When it comes to soda, there's a stereotype wherein the girl would always want the Diet version, while the guy doesn't really care which one he gulps.

If you both love coke, get these costumes and you'll make a great soda couple!