Kiss Costumes (Band) for Kids and Adults

Kiss Costumes (Band) for Kids and Adults

Kiss (band) is an American rock band known for their elaborate live performances and outrageous outfits, which eventually became their trademark. These outfits are distinct to the band that if you want to re-create them, dressing up like Starchild, the Demon, Space Man, and Catman would gain instant recognition.

Here, we present Kiss costumes that you can use as a group. If you've idolized the band since the 70's with your friends, dressing up like your idols would be a fun way to spend Halloween together.

Also, if you have kids of your own, you can pick one of the Kiss costumes for kids so they can form a mini version of you and your friends.

We have also included Kiss merchandises such as a mug, guitar picks, an apron, and a wristwatch.

In a hurry? Check out these Kiss costumes.

Kiss Costumes for Adults - Demon, Catman, Spaceman, and Starchild

According to Wikipedia, the band's makeup represents a part of themselves. For instance, the Demon reflects Gene Simmons' dark sense of humor and his cynicism. Starchild stands for "starry-eyed lover" or "hopeless romantic," which is a characteristic of Paul Stanley. The Catman makeup, on the other hand, represents Peter Criss' belief that he has nine lives. Also, the Spaceman is Ace Frehley's way of showing his love of science fiction.

Kiss Mask, Shoes, and Wig

The suits featured above may or may come with a wig, mask, or boot tops. But if they don't, then you need to complete the look by getting the following: boots, wig, and a mask if you don't want to wear a makeup.

Kiss Costumes for Kids

These costumes are especially designed for kids. Included in the package are the following: boot tops, the jumpsuit, and masks. The wigs are sold separately.

Kiss Merchandises

The band had a world tour that ran from November 2012 to March 2013. They had a few tours set for the US, so if you missed their concert, you might want to get one of these merchandises while waiting for the next tour.