How to Put Up Your Japanese Geisha Costume

How to Put Up Your Japanese Geisha Costume

There are several choices when it comes to Japanese costumes. After all, Japan is rich in history and culture.

You can choose to wear a sumo wrestler costume, a Japanese schoolgirl costume, or a Harajuko girl costume. Either of these choices gives you an outfit that is distinctly Japanese.

Here, we give you simple directions on how to put up your geisha costume.

Simply gather the materials on this list, put them on, and you have a Japanese costume.

How to Create a Believable Geisha Costume

Did you notice that many people who try to pull off a geisha costume don’t even come close to the real thing? That is because they don’t really know the elements that make up the costume. So if you’re planning on wearing a believable geisha costume this Halloween or on any costume party for that matter, here is an article that guides you towards achieving this goal.

First and foremost, you need to gather clothing, accessories, and footwear that geishas really wear. You can start by picking the right kimono. If you browse through online stores or visit department stores, you’ll notice that there are kimono robes displayed in the windows. Steer clear of these items because they don’t make a believable effect. Instead, do your research of what a geisha kimono really looks like and take it from there. As for the design, consider the kimono that suits your taste and personality. There are a variety of designs and colors, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right one.

After choosing the right kimono, purchase a pair of geta sandals and tabi socks. These are the staple footwear of geishas. Don’t wear high heels because obviously, these are not worn by geishas. Geta sandals, by the way, are a wooden pair of Japanese clogs. You’ll be needing a pair of tabi socks, and tons of practice walking in them so you can walk in them perfectly.

Next, make sure that you have the right accessories, which include a Japanese fan or a Japanese parasol. You can buy these accessories at the nearest costume store, or if you want more discounts and more choices, go online and shop at e-commerce stores.

After everything is ready, it’s time for your hair and makeup. Some women prefer to wear a geisha wig because it’s easier to manage, and especially if they have a short hair. But if you have someone to help you arrange your hair to make it look like a geisha’s hair, take the opportunity because this will save you from buying a wig. And if you don’t know how to put on some makeup, be glad to know that there are many makeup gurus who post their tutorials on Youtube. All you have to do is to make a quick search. If you’ve never done a geisha makeup, you’re strongly suggested to spend some time practicing and gathering your materials. During the big day, you’ll perfect it and create a believable geisha look.

1. Geta Sandals (Japanese wooden sandals)

Choose the authentic sandals. Not only are they safe to walk in, but they're durable as well.

2. Japanese tabi socks

Don't put on your ordinary socks. Doing this will give you difficulty walking. Instead, get a tabi.

3. Japanese umbrella

Geishas are often seen with umbrellas. Get one of these.

4. Wig

These wigs come in handy especially if you have short hair.

5. Kimono

A real or authentic kimono takes a long time to wear. Plus, it's expensive. These kimono-inspired robes are great alternatives.

Create a Sexy Geisha Costume for Halloween

Teenage and college girls love to don flirty costumes during costume parties and Halloween because they love to show off their beautiful, sexy bodies. And the usual costume is a Playboy bunny. Don’t you just want to stand out among the sea of Playboy bunnies, and still say sexy and cool? If so, why not wear a geisha costume with a sexy twist?

Traditionally, a geisha costume consists of a kimono, a pair of geta sandals, a pair of tabi socks, and some accessories such as Japanese parasol and Japanese fan. If you want to create this look, you can easily pull it off by gathering all the materials and putting on some geisha makeup. But, of course, you want to “sexify” this look, you’ll be needing a sexy kimono and a raunchier wig.

When creating a sexy geisha costume, you need the perfect sexy kimono. Take note that these are the altered versions of the traditional Japanese clothing for women. So you can only buy them at costume stores both online and offline. Or you can create them yourself if you know how to design and sew a sexy costume. But just like the original kimono, these sexy versions carry the same prints, patterns, designs, and colors. The only difference is that these kimonos show off your legs and some cleavage.