How to Put Together a Borat Costume

How to Put Together a Borat Costume

Who is Borat?

If you don’t know who Borat is, you have got to watch “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.” This film is a comedy film (dubbed as a mockumentary) about a Kazakh journalist named Borat Sagdiyev, or “Borat” for short. He travels to the United States to gain a better understanding of American culture.

Borat is played by the super-talented Sacha Baron Cohen. According to reputable sources, some of Borat’s interviews with the Americans shown in the movie are totally unscripted. So if you want to have a good laugh, you may want to spend some time on the couch and watch this movie.

So why should you wear a Borat costume this Halloween?

Perhaps the obvious reason is that it is funny as hell. Borat christened quite a few memorable outfits and introduced them to the world via the movie. For instance, the neon-green “mankini” has been credited to Borat. If you don’t know what a mankini is, it’s the male version of the bikini. So you can just imagine how it looks like. It’s a swimwear that looks like a sling that supports and covers only the male organ. The mankini comes in several colors, but neon-green is the one that’s popularized by Borat. Add to the fact that Borat is a hairy dude, who can forget this costume?

Having said that, if you wear a Borat costume, rest assured that everyone can remember the movie and laugh. You will definitely be the talk of the town. The mankini is a great instrument to make everyone notice you.

And if you think that guys can only pull off this costume, think again. There have been girls who have donned Borat’s neon-green mankini with good results. So if you want to impress guys and boys with your sexy and fit body, forget about the sexy and flirty Playboy bunny costume and get Borat’s mankini instead.

And if you want to make the costume really funny, you can always get a wig and fake mustache to look like the real Borat. If you have a naturally curly hair and a mustache, achieving this look will be super easy. But if you don’t, you can always visit online and offline costume stores and e-commerce sites to make a purchase. And if you know where to look, you can even get a discounted wig and fake mustache.

How to Rock a Borat Costume

Now that you’ve decided to wear a Borat costume, it’s time learn how to rock it. Here is an article that teaches you how to spice up your costume to make everyone have a good laugh.

1. Adopt Borat’s accent.
Borat has this distinct accent that you can easily adopt. If you want to make your Borat mankini costume even funnier, you may want to learn how Borat talks. Remember, Borat is from Kazakhstan, so if you can copy how Kazaks talk, you can use the accent to talk to other people during your costume party.

2. Cover your body with hair.
Borat is one hairy guy. If you’re planning on wearing the neon-green mankini, why don’t you cover your body with hair? If you’re a hairy guy, the mankini is the perfect Borat costume for you. But if you’re not hairy, why not put on some fake hair or draw stubbles on your body with a black marker?

3. Put on a fake mustache and curly wig.
One of the distinct facial features of Borat is his mustache. He has a thick line of mustache that you can copy. There are fake mustaches on sale in both online and offline stores. But if you have a mustache, you might want to trim it to make it look like Borat. Another distinct feature of Borat is his hair. It is naturally curly and sort of unkempt. So if you want to keep your costume distinctly Borat, put on a curly hair. This is easily done through a wig. Or if you have natural curly hair, keep it unkempt.

4. Act weird.
Of course, nothing beats humor and weirdness in a Borat costume. So get your goof on, and be funny as hell. Take note though, that some people may not be appreciative of your humor, so there are times when you need to go easy on the weirdness and humor.