Furry or Plush Jumpsuit Costumes for Boys and Girls

Furry or Plush Jumpsuit Costumes for Boys and Girls

Mascots, plush jumpsuits, and furry costumes are more popular than ever, thanks to Ylvis' song "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" You might think it's a silly song, but you can't deny it's catchy and... nice.

Our niece and nephew enjoy the Fox song. They dance to the music, and guess what -- they want to wear a fox jumpsuit this Halloween.

So we thought if our niece and nephew feel that way, there must be a lot of boys and girls who feel the same way, too.

This article is a collection of furry or plush jumpsuit costumes that boys and girls can easily wear -- and dance to the Fox song.

Foxy Fox or Hungry Wolf

I thought it's appropriate to start by showing you fox and wolf costumes. They've been portrayed as "bad," "sly," and "hungry," but when kids wear a fox jumpsuit, the result is one cute sight.

Cuddly Lion Jumpsuit Costume

Hear your kids roar in one of these onesies! The lion is the king of the jungle, they say. If your kids love lions, these jumpsuits would make a perfect Halloween costume.

Cow "Funsies"

I love, love, love cow prints! If you do, too, you can dress up your kids in this cow jumpsuit costume! How cute is the model in this image?

Donkey Onesies

When I hear the word "donkey," two things come to mind -- first, the donkeys in the Bible; second, the famous annoying character in Shrek. Don't you just love Donkey (in the movie Shrek)? He's funny!

Dog, Dalmatian, or Puppy Onesie Costumes

How cute are these kids? The dalmatian pajama costume stands out because of the effortlessly beautiful spots of the breed. On a side note, no wonder Cruella De Vil is so drawn into these dogs!

Bunny Pajama Costumes

The kids below seem to be enjoying their bunny pajamas. Just like bunnies, they demonstrate how they'd jump to spice up their costume. One is even holding a carrot prop! Girls would definitely love the pink color (or its combination with white). This is truly an adorable costume!