Chinese Costume for Kids and Adults

Chinese Costume for Kids and Adults

Chinese Costumes product catalogue - Browse through a cute collection of Chinese costumes both for kids and adults alike; costumes for boys; Chinese costume accessories; take-out costume; and womens sexy Chinese costumes.

A Chinese costume is little to represent the rich history of China and its people. But it's a good start. From Jackie Chan to sensei masters, you're sure to find a Chinese costume that fits you and your child properly. This lens is a collection of different types of Chinese costumes. Feel free to browse through and shop for the costume that you like.

Girls Chinese Asian Princess Costume

Girls will feel pretty in an Asian princess costume. Aside from the perfect color combination that no doubt reflects the orient, you can tell how flowy and dainty the dresses are. They're very feminine. But whatever you choose, don't forget Chinese costume accessories as they complete the whole look. As you can see, the kid models' hair is properly tied and accessorized beautifully with traditional Chinese ornaments. Also, don't forget that though these Chinese costumes usually come in red, you can definitely find other cute colors such as pink or lavender.

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Warrior Asian Princess

This costume is for the girl who feels like a warrior princess. As you can see, the outfit is feminine and classy, yet it's meant for girls who is not afraid to stand up to boys or bullies -- perfect for girls who love sports, and girls who are independent-minded.

As you can see, the costume cleverly combines different elements that marry two qualities that the wearer would surely possess, that of strength and femininity. For instance, the black and pink colors complement each other.

Ethnic Ceremonial Costume for Girls

In certain special events such as school parades and field demonstrations, children are required to wear a costume that represents a country. If your daughter is picked to be one of those few to represent China or the orient, you'll find these ethnic ceremonial costumes to fit the occasion.

Ethnic Global Costume for Boys

Aren't these boys adorable? Your child can look this cute, too with these ethnic global costumes. Just look at the colors. They're bright, classy, and you can't deny how unique the designs are!

Take a closer look at the fabric and you'll discover the beautiful floral patterns that envelope the whole outfit.

And if you're looking for a great way to make your child stand out in this costume, you have to give him the perfect accessory such as what the boy above is holding. Plus, don't forget to invest in a pair of oriental shoes. You can always let your son wear a pair of sneakers, but doing this may destroy the outfit.

Fire Shadowkan Costume

Does your son fancy being a Chinese warrior? Or does he idolize the great Jackie Chan? Then this costume will definitely put a smile on his face.

At one glance, this character looks like it's a Japanese ninja. But look again, and you'll see that it's distinctly Chinese.

Take a look at the details. It has red bands that wrap the arms and the legs. It has a face mask that makes the wearer unrecognizable during combat. And it has a top that make the wearer look like a true warrior. Plus, the colors are on fire!

Your son can wear this costume during Halloween, costume kiddie parties, or during playtime.

Chinese Costumes for Adults - Take Out Costume

Do you love Chinese takeout food? Why not BE one for once. This Halloween, or any costume parties, try sporting a sexy takeout costume, or a quirky takeout outfit. Take a look at some examples below.

Chinese Warrior Costume for Adults

If as a child, you fancied being a Chinese warrior -- complete with the braided hair and the traditional clothing -- this costume for adults will definitely make you happy. On your next costume party or on Halloween, re-live your childhood fantasies by wearing this warrior costume. And while you're at it, you might want to learn a few classic moves and poses to complete the outfit.

And if you have another friend who shared the same childhood fantasy with you, you can ask him to be your sensei / master. This costume is believable, no?

Womens Sexy Chinese Costumes

Foxy ladies usually sport a sexy bunny costume during Halloween. Why not be different and try something else? With a sexy Chinese costume, you can still be sexy but the difference is, you'll definitely stand out.

Chinese Adult Costumes for Couples

Now isn't this great? You and your partner can wear a matching Chinese outfit during a costume party?

Aren't these costumes adorable? As you can see, the bright yellow added sophistication to the whole ensemble, not to mention that it goes well with black. And look at the accessories for both. They're perfectly oriental!