Mulan Costume for Girls

Mulan Costume for Girls

Fa Mulan has been idolized by many girls around the world because of her courage. Though she's a girl, she was able to break away from convention and helped save her country. Being a warrior is the duty of a man, but Mulan proved even that girls can do what men can.

Girls who have recently watched Mulan would probably want to sport a Mulan costume.

In this article, we give you some choices of ready-made costumes available. Also included are other Mulan merchandises such as shoes, Chinese fan, and wig.

In a hurry? Check out these Mulan costumes.

Ready-Made Mulan Costumes

These are authentic, fully-licensed Mulan costumes from Disney. These are kimono-like dresses with gold and glitter accents. Take note of the flowing sleeves, and the distinctly Chinese design incorporated in every part of the dresses.

NOTE: Shoes are not included.

A Spotlight on This Beautiful Fa Mulan Dress

Everything about this kimono dress screams Disney Princess Fa Mulan! From the shine of the silky dress up to the distinctly Chinese details, this is the perfect Mulan dress for your daughter.

Speaking of details, the bodice is accentuated with a gold bow / ribbon. The flowing half sleeves have figures that depict the Orient.

The colors perfectly match with one another. The pink goes well with the rich purple and burgundy stripes. The blue and the gold bodice also blend well with the overall color of this dress.

If your daughter is not participating on Halloween or a costume party, she can still use this dress in school on World Book Day.

Don't Forget These Accessories and Other Mulan Costume Essentials

The ready-made costumes presented above look good on those models. But that's because they're complete with accessories. To complete your daughter's Fa Mulan look, she'll need to have at least the following three essentials. Her hair should be bunned. If she doesn't have long hair, she can always have a wig. Also, she should have a pair of Mulan shoes and a Chinese fan.

Haven't Seen Mulan Yet? Spend One Evening with Your Daughter...

Disney's "Mulan" is an animated movie released in 1998. But just like those Disney movies and fairy tales, Fa Mulan's story is a classic. It can be told over and over and still be "relevant."

If you saw the movie as a child, you know that there are lessons it taught you. Perhaps now that you have a daughter of your own, you want her to learn these lessons.

If your daughter hasn't seen the movie yet, now is the time to spend quality time together with her by watching Mulan. While you watch the movie, you can explain the cultural differences, and the lessons your daughter must learn from the movie.

Get These Beautiful Mulan Dolls

Let's extend the costume a little bit with these very cute dolls. If you're looking for the perfect gift to give a child, you might want to consider these dolls. Check out the details.

How About These Asian Princess Costumes?

If your daughter wants to wear an Asian-inspired costume and not necessarily a Mulan costume, you might want to take a look at these outfits. These are kimono dresses with loose sleeves and beautiful colors.