Mad Hatter Costume - Different Types, How to Create One

Mad Hatter Costume - Different Types, How to Create One

Mad Hatter is a character in itself. Maybe that's why Tim Burton made a movie out of him. But whether or not you find him extremely weird, he makes a good costume inspiration.

In this article, I give you the basics of creating a Mad Hatter costume. There are also ready-made outfits if you don't want to create one from scratch. These outfits are available for purchase on Amazon.

Expect to find hats, shoes, a bow tie, and that distinct Mad Hatter hair. Use this as your checklist, your guide, or even a product catalogue.

In a hurry?

Check out these ready-made Mad Hatter costumes.

Create Your Mad Hatter Costume from Scratch!

The advantage of buying a ready-made costume is obviously related to saving time and effort. You don't have to go through the hassle of designing the outfit yourself as everything is provided for you.

But if you're into Cosplay, you know that this is a big no-no. Whether or not you're into Cosplay, you may want to create your own Mad Hatter costume yourself. To help you, here are the basic parts of the costume that you should consider.

Step 1: Get that Mad Hatter Hat

As you know, the hat should be gigantic! It comes with a ribbon tied around it, and their colors blend well. It's very theatrical. Here are some Mad Hatter hats to choose from.

Step 2: Big Bow Tie

Just like the hat, the bow tie should also be ginormous, printed, and may or may not match the whole outfit.

Step 3: Mad Hatter Eyebrows and Wig / Hair

In the Mad Hatter movie directed by Tim Burton, the Mad Hatter is seen with curly, unkempt orange hair. But as you may have noticed in the first section of the article, the character is not confined to just orange hair. In fact, you can sport a gray or even black hair.

Step 4: Mad Hatter Makeup

This video is amazing! The owner teaches you exactly what you should do to create that believable, "authentic" Mad Hatter look! Pay attention, follow the steps, and enjoy!

Step 5: Pants and Jacket

The picture below is from Amazon. It's for adults.

Step 6: Shoes!

Oh, I love these shoes! I can wear it everyday! In fact, it doesn't look like it's a part of a costume. It's fashionable, if you ask me. But did you notice that theatrical style?

Mad Hatter Costumes for Everyone

I put this costume under the "Men" category, but looking through the catalogues online, I realized that there are non-male Mad Hatter costumes that deserve their spot in this article.

Below are creative costumes that girls, tweens, boys, and even sexy women can wear! Which one's your favorite?