Fred Flintstone Costumes for Men and Boys

Fred Flintstone Costumes for Men and Boys

Fred Flintstone is undeniably one of the most colorful characters in "The Flintstones" animated series. He's careless, funny, and wacky. If you think you share the same qualities, you're probably thinking of wearing a Fred Flintstone costume.

Here, we give you some costume choices. We scoured a popular online retailer's catalogue and compiled what we found in this neat article.

We have divided this article into different sections displaying your choices. If you want some ready-made costumes, take a look at the first section. We even found a plus-size Fred Flintstone costume in case the others don't fit.

If you don't want to wear a full-costume, we have some choices for you as well. Check out the t-shirts (for guys and kids), the costume hat, and PVC masks section.

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Ready-Made Fred Flintstone Costumes

These ready-made Fred Flintstone costumes are made from polyester. When it comes to design, the middle costume is closest to the original character. But while all three costumes come with an oversize tie, only the first and last costumes come with the oversize shoe covers and the wig. The last costume, by the way, is plus-size.

Fred Flintstone T-Shirt Costumes

Don't want the full Fred Flintstone outfit? No problem! How about a t-shirt? The first one is for adults, and the other one is for kids.

Fred Flintstone PVC / Soft Foam Masks

These masks would definitely complete your Fred outfit. They'd make a costume party or Halloween easier if you're not comfortable showing your face in a costume. Wink!