Best Maleficent Costume for Women and Girls

Best Maleficent Costume for Women and Girls

Maleficent's tag line "Don't believe the fairy tale" is appropriate. It's appropriate because presumably, all the super-villains were once good. They only became bad because circumstances made them.

Case in point: Queen Grimhilde. Before she was the Evil Queen in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves," she was Queen Grimhilde, the fairest in the land. Before Snow White was born, she was the most beautiful. Although she was described as "cold and extremely vain" in the Brothers Grimm story, there was nothing that said she killed someone.

Now, thanks to the newly released Disney film Maleficent, we get to see the woman before that infamous "curse" she gave Aurora.

Here are the top-selling Maleficent costumes for women and girls.

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Best Maleficent Costume for Girls

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