How to Put Together a Nerd Costume

How to Put Together a Nerd Costume

The nerdy or geeky classmate is "weird" and some people can't stop making fun of them. But truth be told, it's the nerds that change how we live. They have a brilliant mind that can invent "cool" gadgets, and their Science projects can lead to breakthroughs.

Are you a "nerd" at heart? How about putting on a nerd costume?

Although there are ready-to-wear nerd costumes available for purchase, you can easily put together your own if you don't like what's provided for you. All you have to do is to go to your closet and gather the materials.

Here, we give you what you need.

1. Geeky glasses
These are usually black with a thick frame and lens.

2. Well-ironed long sleeve or short sleeve shirt
Most "nerds" are always on OC mode, and this is evident in their well-ironed shirt.

3. Shorts or pants with suspenders

4. Long socks, usually bright or colorful
When they wear shorts, their socks extend up to the knee. Plus, the color doesn't match the shoes.

Here are some ready-made nerd costumes or kits if you're running out of time.