Best Zorro Costume for Kids, Adults and Pets

Best Zorro Costume for Kids, Adults and Pets

Zorro joins Batman as among the superheroes who don't have super-human abilities. He relies on his combat skills and swordsmanship to defeat the enemies. This makes Zorro one of the most relatable (and human) superheroes.

Do you love Zorro?

Here, we have catalogued Zorro costumes that you can choose from. Use this in finding the best Zorro costume for your kids, yourself, or even your dog.

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Best Zorro Costume for Kids

These costumes come with Zorro's signature look -- the cape, hat, and his sword. Some of the items worn by the models (such as boots and pants) may not be included.

Zorro Costume for Adults

Who says only guys can wear a Zorro costume? Check out these outfits.

Zorro Costume for Dogs

Have a dog? Dress up your dog like you on Halloween. See how cute the result is.