Top-Rated Lady Gaga Costumes

Lady Gaga Costumes

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest or most popular pop stars in the world today.

Aside from her music, she catches the world's attention by her outrageous outfits and costumes.

Some would say that Lady Gaga is a polarizing figure, but you can't deny that whatever she wears always gets everyone talking.

Lady Gaga has given us a lot of memorable costumes (both in real life and in her music videos). Remember what she wore at the Grammys two years ago? We bet you do.

Here, we give you the best-rated Lady Gaga costumes available online today.

Lady Gaga Star Dress Costume

This Star Dress lets you experience the supernova called "Lady Gaga." It has interesting features such as the giant star on the front, the silver and black fringes, and silver sequins.

Bad Romance Red Lady Costume

Remember the Bad Romance music video? This costume is featured as one of the "monstrous" yet noticeable outfits. This comes with a matching red crown headpiece.

Lady G Prison Dress Costume

This costume is reminiscent of Lady Gaga's "Telephone" music video with Beyonce. Although it doesn't look exactly as the outfit in the video, this looks very Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga Tuxedo Costume

This was seen in the video "Born This Way." Featuring broad and pointed shoulders, a bowtie, and a pair of matching pants, you'll feel empowered with this tuxedo costume.

Lady Gaga 2011 BTW 4 Pieces Grammy Costume

Remember when Lady Gaga shocked the world during her performance of Born This Way at the 2011 Grammy Awards? Get her costume here.