7 Celebrity Costumes for Everyone

Celebrity Costumes for Everyone

Dressing up as our favorite celebrity is fun!

From Lady Gaga to Elvis Presley, there's a celebrity costume in store for you.

Here, we give you some super cool costume ideas that everyone will definitely love.

With these costumes, you'll enjoy the stare of people.

You may not be a celebrity. But at least for one night during Halloween or your costume party, you can impersonate your fave.

So get ready with your fave's mannerisms, manner of speaking, and voice. Your costume party will be lots of fun.

1. Lady Gaga Costume

This sits on top of our list for obvious reasons. When it comes to costumes, no other celebrity today can beat Lady Gaga.

2. Katy Perry Costume

From the blue and pink wigs up to those delicious candy costumes, Katy Perry gives us a reason to drool.

3. Elvis Presley Costume

Still the King of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Presley is idolized by millions even up to this day.

4. Johnny Depp Costume

Johnny Depp is known to play eccentric characters. Here's one that you can try.

5. Madonna Costume

Before Lady Gaga, there was Madonna. She's still slaying. She's still the Queen of Pop.

6. Michael Jackson Costume

Of course, the Queen would not be complete without Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

7. Nicki Minaj Costume

Are you a fan of Nicki? You'll love this costume, for sure.