Wilma Flintstone Costume for Women and Kids

Wilma Flintstone Costume for Women and Kids

Wilma Flintstone is the red-headed, strong-willed wife of Fred Flintstone.

In The Flintstones series, we often see her criticizing her husband’s schemes and pursuits, a quality that many wives and women can relate to.

Are you a Wilma Flintstone? Why not get a Wilma Flintstone costume for your Halloween party?

We have catalogued the best costumes that can be readily available for purchase online.

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Wilma Flintstone Costume for Women

There are two types of costumes that you can get. The first one resembles what Wilma often wears in the series -- a white, one-shoulder dress. The other is also a one-shouldered dress, but the difference is that it has a zebra pattern outlining the top and bottom portions of the dress.

Wilma Flintstone Costume Plus Size

In need of a big-size costume? Here is a plus-size costume that features zebra patterns on the hem and shoulder. Also included in the costume are the red wig and stone pearl necklace.

Wilma Flintstone Sexy Adult Costume

The usual Wilma Flintstone costume is sexy in itself, but if you want to look sexier in it, here is another option you might want to consider. It’s a two-piece dress that comes with the jewelry and wig.

Wilma Flintstone Costume for Girls

Does your daugher or niece love Wilma? This costume that includes the white dress, a necklace, and the headpiece will fit her just fine.

Wilma Flintstone Wig

Wilma has a perfectly coiffed hair for a cave-woman. Here are some wigs that you can try on.

Wilma Flintstone Mask

Complete your costume with Wilma's face. To accomplish that, you'll need any of the following masks. Choose between PVC and soft foam.