Riddler Costume for Kids and Adults

Riddler Costume for Kids and Adults

The Riddler is one of the most colorful and shall we say, exciting, Batman villains. We love how he uses clues, riddles, and puzzles to forewarn the authority of his shenanigans.

Are you a natural Riddler? How about getting yourself a Riddler costume?

Let's take a look at the costume anatomy of a Riddler. The image on the left is one of the derivatives of the costume - a green jumpsuit or cat suit, a gold cane, purple gloves, and a purple mask.

But aside from that, there's also one type of Riddler costume that you can wear: a green business suit, a shaped cane, and a green bowler hat.

Here, we give you the best-rated Riddler costume that you can readily purchase online.

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Riddler Costume for Kids

Made from 100% polyester, these costumes for kids are officially licensed by DC comics. The child's tutu comes with an elastic waist, and includes the gloves and eye mask.

Riddler Costume for Adults (for Men)

As you can see, these Riddler costumes for men come in several varieties. According to consumers who have tried these costumes, they feel like pajamas! They are made from materials that keep you comfortable during Halloween.

Riddler Costume for Adults (for Women)

Do you fancy a sexy costume for Halloween? How about these Riddler costumes for women? Take your pick from a mini dress, a corset top, and a caped dress.

Riddler Cane, Mask, Gloves, and Wig

Complete your Riddler costume with these accessories, from the Riddler's shaped cane up to the orange wig that Jim Carrey wore in Batman Forever (1995).