Chucky Costume for Kids, Men, and Women

Chucky Costume for Kids, Men, and Women

Chucky is no doubt one of the deadliest characters we love to hate. After all, he's... evil!

But admittedly, Chucky makes a great Halloween costume. Not only because it fits the occasion, but also because it's effective in scaring other people.

Here, we give you a collection of Chucky costumes for men, kids, and women. Who knew that costume designers can create a sexy version of Chucky? Browse through our selection to find out more.

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Chucky Costume for Men

These costumes for men have effortlessly captured the evil look of Chucky. They come with Chucky's signature clothes (overalls, striped shirt), his evil grin, and weapons that he uses for killing (ax or knife)

Sexy Chucky Costume for Women

Do you want to look sexy while doing evil things? These sexy Chucky costumes for women will accomplish this goal. Chucky's signature overalls have become a mini skirt, and you'll get to wear your sexy red leggings.

Chucky Costume for Kids

Kids will have fun scaring their peers with this Chucky costume for kids. This costume includes the jumpsuit that comes with an attached shirt, plus the mask.

Chucky Latex Mask

You may or may not choose to wear Chucky's face, but nothing is more convincing and scarier if you do. To complete your look, you have to have one of these masks.

Chucky Prank

Check out this hilarious Chucky prank at a bus stop. We gotta give it to them. The Chucky costume is amazing.