Avatar Costumes for Kids and Adults

Avatar Costumes for Kids and Adults

James Cameron's Avatar is the highest grossing movie of all time. Not only is it the perfect movie for 3D, but it's got all the bells and whistles for a perfect movie. Plus, the characters are memorable, too.

Want to be an Avatar even just for a day? Jump right in with the right Avatar costume. Here, we showcase our collection of Avatar costumes we found on our trip to costume retailers.

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Avatar Costumes for Kids

The costumes below are top-rated by consumers. The Jake Sully costume (right image) features a polyester top, a shirt, khaki jacket, and pants with a blue tail.

The image on the left is that of a child's Neytiri costume. It's a polyester body suit that features those distinct Avatar tribal markings. Also included with the costume are the tail and apron.

Avatar Costumes for Adults

Want to be a citizen of Pandora? Here's your chance to impress your friends with an Avatar costume. This Jake Sully costume for adults features a latex mask, a pair of pants with a tail, and a khaki shirt.

Thinking of sporting a sexy costume? Why not get this jumpsuit (left image)? It's made from polyster, includes a tail, and a side bag.

Avatar Wig

The citizens of Pandora have a distinct hair. These wigs will transform your look instantly. They're made from synthetic fiber, but they're very easy to clean.

Avatar Spear and Sheath

You'll have to equip yourself with these Na'Vi essentials to save your homeland, especially Hometree.

Neytiri Fangs and Ears

Last but not the least, complete your look with these fangs and ears.