Popeye Costume - Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea, Brutus, Wimpy, and More!

Popeye Costume - Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea, Brutus, Wimpy, and More!

Everyone loves Popeye! Do you remember how you giggled at how Brutus and Popeye battled it out for Olive Oyl? Or how about you chugging spinach in hopes of growing muscles like Popeye?

It's nice to re-live those fun memories, but it's definitely nicer to dress up like this famous fictional sailor.

So how about a Popeye costume? Or an Olive Oyl, Brutus, J. Wellington Wimpy?

In this article, we have catalogued Popeye character costumes for adults and kids alike.

Use this as an inspiration to put up your own outfit, or own a ready-made costume for your Halloween or costume parties.

Ready-Made Popeye Costumes for Adults

These ready-made costumes are made from 100% polyester. The muscle arms look very close to Popeye's arms -- with two anchor tattoos! They also feature a pull over shirt and a pair of elastic waist pants.

Popeye for Kids

Want to convince your child to eat his spinach? Try these costumes. These costumes include basically everything you see except the shoes. You'll get a polyester shirt and pants, the muscle arms, belt and hat.

Popeye Accessories

The ready-made costumes above are not complete without the following Popeye accessories - spinach koozie and sailor pipe.

SPOTLIGHT: Popeye Costume T-Shirts

If you're not comfortable wearing one of those costumes above, how about a costume t-shirt instead? These are made from cotton.

Olive Oyl Costume

These costumes include the synthetic fiber bun back wig plus the polyester petal collar dress. The shoes, however, are not included.

Swee'Pea Costume

Not many people know this, but Swee'Pea is the cousin of Olive Oyl. But if you're a couple with a newborn, you can always dress up as Olive Oyl, Popeye, and your newborn as Swee'Pea. How cute is this?

Brutus Costume

Some prefer Brutus to Popeye. Are you one of them? Then this costume is for you. This includes muscle arms, the cap, pants, belt, and t-shirt.

J. Wellington Wimpy Costume

Jughead Jones is to Archie Comics as J. Wellington Wimpy is to Popeye. Do you love burgers like these guys? Here's a costume for you.

Own Popeye in DVD

Here's a great movie / TV series marathon idea -- watch Popeye! Own these episodes on DVD. These also make the perfect gift for 40-something.