Medusa Costume - Sexy, Deluxe, Plus Size, Wigs, Accessories

Medusa Costume - Sexy, Deluxe, Plus Size, Wigs, Accessories

According to Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster that took the body of a female with snakes and serpents for her hair. It is also said that when you gaze upon her directly, you will turn into stone.

Ever felt like you want to Medusa someone? Of course, you can't possibly turn them into stone. But at least with a Medusa costume, you can send them a subliminal message.

Or perhaps you just want to be different from those girls who prefer goddess costumes. Medusa was not exactly a goddess. But the Medusa costumes available in this article can make people believe she was.

Medusa Adult Costume

You gotta love the creativity poured into these Medusa costumes! Just like Medusa herself, these outfits can "put you in awe" that it's too difficult to choose which one to wear.

Sexy Medusa Costume

"Mystically sexy" is how some manufacturers describe these costumes. True indeed, Medusa is not just a mythical creature. She's also "mystical" and "sexy" -- or at least to some. Feeling Medusa sexy? Try these outfits.

Plus Size Medusa Costume

Plus size women can flaunt their curves in this plus-size Medusa costume. The dress is made from 100% polyester, so care instructions include hand wash and line dry procedures. This costume includes everything you need -- the armbands, cape, and headpiece.

Medusa Wig, Headpiece, and Hat

The most recognizable feature of Medusa is undeniably her hair. It takes the form of live serpents and snakes ready to attack anyone who comes near. Some ready-made costumes don't come with any Medusa wig or headpiece. Do you need one? Here are some choices.

Medusa Accessories: Jewelry, Ring, and Armband

Complete your look with accessories. While you can always pile up on the snake jewelry, it's best to be selective of what you intend to wear. You want to accessorize to emphasize.

Medusa Girl Costume

Girls, too, can have fun in a Medusa costume. This costume is ready-made and come with everything that the model is wearing. It is made from polyester, so hand-wash is highly recommended.

Medusa Witch Prop and Bust

Hosting a Halloween or costume party with a gods and goddess (or Greek mythology) theme? Here are some cool Medusa props we know you're interested in.